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Hi, im kim.

Im searching for something that doesn’t really exist in a world that makes you thinks these things exist.

I dont know, it makes me sad sometimes.

I want to do pop-art photography.

Guyssss, if you have time, take a survery for a gal? 10 questions and literallly takes 1 minute.  I need it for my final! Ill owe you a cookie ;) )  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8LTNPMY

About to make an okcupid for funnnn.

Man, I wonder how Im going to get judged for this…

I mean, do people judge you for stuff like this?

Is this what my world has come to? lol,


So today I was running on 3 hours sleep (2 hours and 56 mins according t to me alarm) I woke up at 6am & left my house like 7 for my shoot at coney island from like 930-315 then rushed over jersey for another shoot which lasted from like 620-920ish.


But why did one shoot give us hot dogs & the other pizza? There goes my skinny lol


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I swear I would love you forever <3 <3

Everytime I watch the notebook I always tear up a bit.

If I could ever have someone love me at least half of how much Noah loves Allie, I dont think I could ask for anything more in the world.


Never been in love.

sooo, Kick Ass 2 is a must see!

I freaking loved the first one! :DD

Patiently waiting for the day that I wake up and Channing Tatum is in my bed.


Boys just have like this natural attraction about them

The way they lick & bite their lips. Or how they pull you close when you’re walking away (cliche blah blah).

I just find that so attractive.. Especially when he’s attractive…